Regional Coverage



COANSA covers all of Central America, which is a region of 45 million people across seven countries. Each of these countries has its own intricacies which makes the market very complex in nature, but COANSA has developed the market expertise, relationships and operational infrastructure to serve as international suppliers’ best partner on the ground.


Our headquarters and main warehouse (including the bonded warehouse) are located in Heredia, Costa Rica. From there, we mostly serve the Costa Rican, Nicaraguan and Panamanian markets, but they also assist in support of our other regional operations. Our other hub in Guatemala allows us to better serve clients in Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Honduras. Besides that, we have offices in Panama and Houston to expedite processes and communications with clients and suppliers.


An integrated management within the region enables us to optimize our operations to better manage regional variability. It allows us to aggregate client demand and spread fixed costs of administration and transportation among more clients, thus achieving economies of scale. This allows us to save money for our clients who would otherwise need to incur in full ordering and administrative costs and would need to tie up much needed working capital in maintaining high inventories. The scale of our operations lets us be both more flexible and faster in responding to client needs.